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Community for the latest research in new membrane materials.

Clemson University

The Advanced Functional Membranes Community brings together global experts for scientific and industrial exchanges on new ideas and latest research in the development, characterization, and testing of new membrane materials.

The development of new functional membranes and membrane processes plays a vital role in the world economy. This Community will focus on contributing works to the development of new membrane materials and surface modification of conventional ones for use in a broad spectrum of membrane applications. Of particular interest is the creation of membranes for protein chromatography, energy storage, CO2 capture, water purification, as well as responsive membranes with switchable surface properties and controllable barrier properties.

Additionally, contributing works that describe novel approaches to characterization of membrane structure and performance are also of interest to this Community. 


Project Name Address Country
Advanced Membranes for Protein Chromatography
Affinity and Multimodal Membranes
Antimicrobial, Antifouling Membranes
Battery Separator Layers
Clemson University Chbe
Composite and Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes
Coupling membranes and dendritic polymers
Coupling Small-particle Adsorbents
Design of Nanoparticle-liposome Assemblies
Electrospun Nanofiber Mats
Investigating Ion-transport Clemson, South Carolina 29634 United States
Magnetically Responsive Membranes
Membranes for CO2 capture and separations
Membranes for Produced Water Treatment
Modeling Protein Adsorption
Multilayered Membrane Assembly
NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Polyaniline Electrodes for Ultracapacitors
Regenerable membranes for desalination

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  • Scott Husson
    Scott Husson

    Clemson University
    Clemson, South Carolina