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The Job Search Solution is the result of everything I have learned in my practice. It is a fail safe system that has helped more than 100,000 people find a new job. With the Job Search Solution you won’t have to worry about results. This system is not theory. It’s a practical, in the trenches, reality! We are so confident in the Job Search Solution that we guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will return your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, both personally and professionally. Order today and get started improving your life with the job that you deserve!

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The Job Search Solution
February 28, 2012 12:20pm


Unbeatable Resumes
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Acing the Interview
February 28, 2012 12:22pm

News: Tony Beshara Blog 
  • …more about taking tests February 26, 2021 10:25pm

    Well, just this week we had a wonderful candidate get rejected for a position because he blew the test. I’ll tell you what happened after we discuss how to take tests. Unfortunately he just didn’t listen to our teaching. First, whatever you do, don’t bitch and moan to the prospective employer that testing is a lot of nonsense. In some cases, it very well is, but if a prospective employer does it as a routine part of the selection process, your opinion isn’t going to matter. If you voice...
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  • …..six interviews for a nine person company February 21, 2021 3:32pm

    So, what’s with this? Our client is a nine person IT consulting firm. They do project consulting for a very niche market. The CEO, whom I’ve known for 15 years while he was working his way up through the ranks of project consulting at a couple of national firms, founded this company a few years ago and looked for a salesperson on their own for two months and never even interviewed one candidate. Their technical consultants are really doing most of their selling now and they don’...
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  • …taking tests February 14, 2021 3:44pm

    hardly a week goes by that at least 10 or 15 of our candidates are asked to take some kind of test… These things can range anywhere from IQ tests, psychological tests, math aptitude tests, personality surveys and so on. We’re constantly asked if there are any “secrets” to doing well on them. The concept of testing intelligence was first successfully devised by a French psychologist  in the early 1900s to help describe differences in how well and quickly children learn at school.  Thus...
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  • …excusez mon français February 6, 2021 2:47pm

    The employer gave me feedback and said that my candidate was doing rather well in the interview until he made the comment, “excuse my French” and then proceeded to curse. According to him, the cursing was minor. According to her it was significant because, first of all, she is a woman; secondly, he does not know her that well (in fact, not at all) and, third, he has no idea whether she tolerates that kind of talk or not. I played rugby for more than 20 years and certainly have been e...
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  • …Why Counteroffers Don’t Work January 30, 2021 3:28pm

    If your company really recognizes your worth, they would’ve given you the added income, advancement, title, whatever…. without the necessity of you “blackmailing” them by finding another job and threatening to quit. Why did you have to go to all the trouble to go out and look for another job just to get a better salary or promotion from a prospective new employer…. who doesn’t even know you? If you accept the counteroffer, you will, more often than not, be looked upon...
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  • …..”we’re cool…” January 25, 2021 4:10pm

    We got an email from one of our hiring authorities, “Hey, what are you doing? We’re hiring you to help us find people, not to take people out of here! We don’t appreciate it when you recruit our employees!” So, we call the hiring manager and ask him what he’s talking about. He proceeds to explain to us that one of his newly-promoted employees told him that he had gotten a call from one of our recruiters and that he didn’t appreciate us trying to recruit his em...
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