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International Claims Fallacy

International Claims Fallacy

By: Christopher Hess, CPA, Partner, RWH Myers

Resolving international claims does not require an international claim preparation presence. In this Insights Brief, we'll address the common concerns policyholders have regarding international claims and reveal what is actually required to getting the job done, quickly and correctly.

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Christopher Hess, CPA
Christopher Hess, CPA

Partner, RWH Myers

Christopher B. Hess, CPA, CFE

Partner, Co-founder

Quantification of Large Business Interruption, Extra Expense, and Property Damage Claims, Investigative Accounting

Christopher B. Hess, CPA, CFE, is a co-founder of RWH Myers and currently is the partner-in-charge of the firm's Pittsburgh office. He has led project teams on three continents in the resolution of over $1 billion in claimed losses. Chris also performs business interruption exposure studies, forensic accounting and white-collar crime investigations, and provides litigation support services to attorneys, including expert witness testimony.