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Secrets to Ensuring Accurate and Compliant Chemical Inventory Reports

Secrets to Ensuring Accurate and Compliant Chemical Inventory Reports

From lubricants to solvents, from flammable materials to corrosives, many organizations handle and store a number of different chemicals. It’s not enough to ensure that you know where chemicals are, provide training and information about correct handling procedures, and ensure that chemicals are stored and disposed appropriately. It is also important to report to external agencies what chemicals are on site, the quantities of those chemicals, and how and where they are stored. The stakes are higher if those chemicals are hazardous materials.

One critical challenge for many organizations is the gap between the laboratory that uses the chemicals, and the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) department that must produce accurate chemical inventory reports. Unfortunately, disconnected, inconsistent, and inefficient chemical inventory management processes are not only inhibiting report accuracy but also incurring higher risk. This webinar examines the obstacles organizations face ensuring chemical management and reporting compliance, and discusses how different organizations have closed the gap to solve the compliance challenge.Learning Outcomes:

  • Bridge the gap between the lab and EHS
  • Streamline chemical inventory management processes
  • Ensure accurate real-time chemical data
  • Monitor expiration dates and chemical shelf-life in real-time
  • Increase the accuracy of reconciliations
  • Address regulatory requirements
  • Expedite and simplify OSHA, SARA, EPA reporting
  • Reduce hazardous materials management risk

to hear Anne Sefried discuss how to how to address regulatory requirements impacting chemical use and storage, best practices for maximizing chemical inventory management compliance at your organization, and how to ensure accurate and compliant chemical inventory reports.