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Noise Exposure Explanation:  A White Paper

Noise Exposure Explanation: A White Paper

By: Patty Johnson, Research Audiologist, Etymotic Research

This white paper covers the government agencies that regulate occupational noise exposure in the U.S.; the origin of damage –risk criteria; the definitions of material hearing impairment and excess risk; individual susceptibility; noise measurement; interpretation of noise dose and how to use results of dosimetry to recommend hearing protection.


Patty Johnson
Patty Johnson

Research Audiologist, Etymotic Research

Patricia Johnson, AuD has been a research audiologist at Etymotic Research, Inc for almost 20 years. Her well-rounded professional career includes pediatric and educational audiology, industrial hearing conservation, university teaching and private practice. Patty is a past Member Delegate on the Executive Council of the National Hearing Conservation Association. She has specific interest and expertise in hearing conservation and noise measurement. At Etymotic Research she is involved in research, education, technical writing and new product development.