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sean Soth

New WEF Buyer's Guide Orientation

By: sean Soth, Co-founder / Sales, webvent and Jenny Grigsby, jgrigsby@wef.org, Water Environment Federation

Learn how your organization can position products, services, and content with WEF's audience of water quality professionals! Create a WEF micro-site and help industry professionals discover what separates your business while they make their next partner decision.

The Quick Orientation will:

  • Showcase how WEF is positioning the Buyers Guide as a year-round tool for WEF members, Conference attendees, and more!
  • Learn the importance of customer experience and how your adaptive content accelerates decision-making
  • Provide an overview of the features available to WEF's community of solution providers

The NEW WEF Buyer’s Guide is now sold, operated, and managed in-house by WEF staff.


sean Soth
sean Soth

Co-founder / Sales, webvent

Jenny Grigsby
Jenny Grigsby

jgrigsby@wef.org, Water Environment Federation