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More Than Just "Click Next": Creating Innovative and Interactive E-Learning

Thursday, April 17, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Bianca Woods, BMO Financial Group

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Years ago, e-learning development was a complicated process requiring a full team of professionals: instructional designers to write the script, graphic designers to create visuals, and developers to code. This system required time, resources, and budget—things that are nearly always in short supply.

Rapid e-learning development tools changed all this. Now a single instructional designer can take on a project from start to finish. While these tools reduce costs and trim timelines, it can sometimes come at a cost to the final product. Using templates instead of graphic designers can lead to e-learning that looks generic or ugly. Using pre-rendered interactions instead of developers can lead to a habit of forcing the content into a handful of stock interactions rather than fitting the interaction to the content. 

When the tools aren’t pushed beyond the basics of what they can do, we often end up with the dull “Click Next” e-learning that people dread taking. So does this mean that rapid e-learning tools can’t create memorable learning experiences? Not at all. It just means we need to use these tools differently for them to be effective.

Attend this live, interactive webinar to:

  • Learn what makes an e-learning experience engaging and interactive in the first place.
  • Discover new ways to design innovative learning experiences with e-learning tools.
  • Determine which e-learning features you should (and shouldn’t) use to increase interactivity.
  • Know when e-learning isn’t the right tool for the job.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to create e-learning projects that are more interactive, take better advantage of the strengths of your tools, and ultimately make e-learning engaging and enjoyable for your learners.


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Bianca Woods
Bianca Woods

BMO Financial Group

Bianca Woods is an instructional designer with BMO Financial Group, where she designs course content and media, test drives new learning technology, and passionately argues for the abolishment of Comic Sans. With degrees in both art education and education media design & technology, she has a substantial amount of interest in demystifying design and technology for others.

When she’s not creating learning you can often find Bianca obsessing about new tech, live tweeting industry events, and searching for the perfect cupcake. If these things sound interesting to you, you should probably follow her Twitter feed @eGeeking.


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