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Putting Our Brains Back in the Office: Building Brain-Friendly Workplaces

Thursday, July 17, 2014 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Erika Garms, CEO, Garms Group, Inc.

What is a "brain-friendly workplace," and how might you play a role in developing brain-friendliness in your organization? Applying recent neuroscience research to management practices, process and system design, and organizational culture, Dr. Erika Garms will introduce the concept of brain-friendliness, compare it to other organizational improvement methods, and offer recommendations for both evaluating the current degree of brain-friendliness in a work group or organization and embarking on an effort to leverage pertinent neuroscience to improve your workplace. Examples of "quick hits" for immediate improvement will be shared, as will possible approaches to increase brain-friendliness over a period of time. This approach works at the cognitive and emotional level, assuming that behavior change cannot occur unless thoughts and emotions are tapped and reframed.

Join us for an eye-opening (and mind-opening) session during which you will learn:

  • what a brain-friendly workplace is
  • why learning and development professionals are uniquely positioned to drive and support brain-friendliness at work
  • how brain-friendliness compares to high engagement or productivity cultures
  • ways to implement small changes quickly for the beginning of a culture shift
  • how to apply principles of brain science to your work.


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Erika  Garms
Erika Garms

CEO, Garms Group, Inc.

Dr. Erika Garms transforms theory into practical, exciting tools and strategies for professionals. Erika works with learning and development and organization development practitioners to incorporate brain science research into their existing approaches to yield lasting behavior change and learning. She helps business leaders and managers shape brain-friendly workplaces where people can do their best work, work effectively together on high-performing teams, and maintain healthy and thriving work environments.

Erika considers herself both a humanist and a social scientist, intrigued by blending the art and science of learning, performance, and change. Erika earned her BA and MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a PhD from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She completed a post-graduate program in neuroscience of leadership from the NeuroLeadership Insitute and University of Sussex. Erika also leads the Minneapolis-St. Paul NeuroLeadership Institute Local Interest Group, one of just a handful in the U.S. at this time. Erika is a regular workshop, keynote, retreat, and breakout session speaker.

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