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The Positive Workplace: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Exceptional Performance

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Kim Rowe, Managing Director, Agentive and Patrick Howell, Founder, Team Development Group

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Everyone is talking about the positive workplace! From The Journal of Positive Psychology to Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal, improving productivity through workplace well-being is the hottest topic around. Join industry-leading experts Kim Rowe and Patrick Howell for this dynamic, application-focused webinar, and learn to transform your workplace into a positive one.

Find answers to some important questions:

  • Why do some organizations change, grow, and perform better than others?
  • Why do certain employees remain engaged, stay focused, and exude optimism, while others are easily distracted and disengaged?
  • What makes some organizations great places to work, fostering lasting friendships and professional relationships?

The Positive Workplace provides solutions to these crucial questions through the scientific findings of Positive Organizational Scholarship and Applied Positive Psychology, and provides simple, research-based actions that will help you exponentially increase the well-being, engagement, and productivity of your team.

You will learn:

  • how a positive workplace can increase productivity
  • practical, research-validated methods to effect change, improve engagement, increase focus, enhance workplace relationships, and bolster resilience
  • why fostering well-being contributes to reduced turnover, greater revenue, and increased profitability.


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Kim  Rowe
Kim Rowe

Managing Director, Agentive

Kim Rowe applies years of research, study, and hands-on organizational experience to help clients reach their highest levels of success by using their strengths. Kim helps individuals and teams increase engagement, achieve self-concordant goals, and become happier by employing the principles of positive performance. A leader in the organizational learning and development field, she brings the principles and scientific findings of positive psychology to the practice of getting better at what we do.

As Managing Director of Agentive, Kim applies the latest performance research to help organizations improve the overall effectiveness of their management, sales, and leadership teams. Kim is the author of several ASTD Infoline publications, a facilitator for several ASTD courses, and a regular speaker on the topics of positive performance and strengths-driven success. She is a recent board member of ASTD’s Mid-New Jersey Chapter and the Health Care Businesswomen Association’s Metro Chapter, and she is a Strategic Planning Team Leader with Habitat for Humanity. You can contact Kim at krowe@agentive.com.

Patrick Howell
Patrick Howell

Founder, Team Development Group

Patrick is the Founder of Team Development Group, and Principal Consultant for DISCAffiliate.com. A recognized thought leader and a pioneer of applied positive psychology for human development and solutions-focused coaching, he is a frequent guest in media and the host of a TV program reaching 400,000 homes.

Currently working with clients in 20 countries, Patrick is a certified administrator of personality assessments, and lead facilitator of the DISC Certified Professional program. In the role as Executive Director for the Institute for Advanced Human Performance, Patrick unites years of research, study, and adult learning experience to ensure the Institute remains at the vanguard of the human development field.

Patrick is co-author of "The Positive Workplace" Infoline, an ASTD publication describing practical ways applied positive psychology can be utilized to re-engage the workforce. Reach Patrick through www.discaffiliate.com, or via email at patrick.howell@p2agroup.com.

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