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Defining Your E-Learning Project

Friday, June 26, 2015 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Diane Elkins, President, Artisan E-Learning and Desirée Pinder, Executive Director and Owner, Artisan E-Learning

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How much does a car cost? How long does it take to build a house? How long is a piece of string? The answer in all cases? “It depends.”

You can run into the same uncertainly with an e-learning project if it is not properly defined up front. If you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish, what stakeholders expect, what your technology constraints are, and what business drivers will affect your project, how can you create and follow a plan to a successful conclusion?

In this webinar, you’ll learn key questions to ask to help properly define your e-learning projects. Topics include:

  • setting goals and objectives
  • understanding drivers
  • identifying constraints and risks
  • identifying key design criteria that can affect project cost and schedules
  • creating a scope of work.

You’ll walk away with checklists that you can customize and use to help ensure your projects go in the right direction.


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Diane Elkins
Diane Elkins

President, Artisan E-Learning

Diane Elkins has been in the training and development field for 17 years as a trainer, an instructional designer, and an e-learning project manager. As president of Artisan E-Learning, she helps companies get up and running with e-learning initiatives, and specializes in the use of rapid development tools. Diane helps clients as diverse as government agencies, nonprofits, medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations. She has served as a judge for the Brandon Hall Awards and the UNF Excellence in Employee Learning Awards. Diane was previously named one of the Top 10 Young Trainers in the country by Training magazine. She has been in the e-learning industry since 2001, speaks regularly at national conferences about e-learning, and is co-author of the popular E-Learning Uncovered book series, as well as E-Learning Fundamentals.

Desirée Pinder
Desirée Pinder

Executive Director and Owner, Artisan E-Learning

Desirée Pinder is a co-founder of Artisan E-Learning, where she provides custom e-learning development, specializing in Articulate, Captivate, and Lectora. She is also co-author of the E-Learning Uncovered book series.

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