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Creating Sustainable Operations in Healthcare Using Lean Six Sigma

Friday, August 26, 2016 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Ben Locwin, Healthcare Sciences Advisors

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Many clinical care settings suffer due to organizational and operational inconsistencies and inefficiencies, reducing the quality of care and patient outcome measures. This is also true in emergent care settings, where the stakes can be higher. This is because, as with medicine, process improvement is a field of knowledge that must be learned and applied; you can’t just hope for better results. Patients don't recover from injury or disease by being frustrated with the status quo or by wishing things were better—and operational practices don’t improve spontaneously, either.

This webcast will cover many of the tools and methods that offer the opportunity for immediate triage when sustainability seems elusive, as well as making your processes work for you in the long term. You’ll learn:

  • some of the most common ways in which clinical and emergent care settings miss their objectives
  • the principles of Lean and Six Sigma that were designed specifically to address these issues
  • the results of a case study in which Lean Six Sigma principles were applied to performance improvement in a hospital setting
  • ways to keep performance improving over time. 


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Ben Locwin
Ben Locwin

Healthcare Sciences Advisors

Ben is a behavioral neuroscientist and author of a wide variety of scientific articles for books and magazines, as well as an acclaimed speaker. He is an expert media contact for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and a committee member of the American Statistical Association. He also provides expertise to organizations on human learning and performance, and advises on a range of business, healthcare, clinical, and patient concerns. Follow him on Twitter @BenLocwin.

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