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Adaptive Learning: Unlocking Performance through Personalized Pathways

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Jim Caprara, Vice President of Business Development, McGraw-Hill Education

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Imagine that you could give learners a personalized course, made specifically for their strengths, weaknesses, confidence level, and engagement patterns. Imagine a course that adapts in real-time to their activity and adjusts moment by moment to their performance and interest level.

The field of adaptive learning which uses computers to actively tailor content to individual needs—draws upon diverse knowledge domains to make this learner-centered vision of education a reality. This webcast will discuss how:

  • adaptive learning can improve training efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement
  • adaptive learning can optimize focus, memory, metacognition, and engagement through learning theories
  • learning analytics can be used to benefit trainers, managers, content authors, and learners.


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Jim Caprara
Jim Caprara

Vice President of Business Development, McGraw-Hill Education

Jim Caprara is McGraw-Hill Education’s (MHE’s) vice president of business development, addressing corporate clients as part of the learning science platforms team. Here, Jim supports the game-changing launch of MHE’s revolutionary authoring platforms, bringing the power of adaptive learning into the hands of learning organizations everywhere.

Jim is uncommonly diversified. A former board chairman of ATD, he is recognized across multiple industries, including retail, homebuilding, telecommunication, and network services and manufacturing. With experiences from chief learning officer and vice president of HR development roles to that of general manager and CEO, Jim's history uniquely bridges learning and business, providing insight and perspectives not found elsewhere.



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