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Product Compliance: Classification and Labeling of Chemicals Worldwide

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT  
Host: AIHA
By: Claude Neri, Head of Compliance and Research, Chemwatch and Jerome Marinkovic, Director of Product Research & Development, Chemwatch

GHS is here to stay. The goal of the system is to globally “harmonize” the classification and labeling of chemicals; however, a side effect of GHS is the need for increased compliance for organizations, regardless of location, size, or markets. This free Synergist webinar, sponsored by Chemwatch, will focus on solutions to common challenges in complying with local and global GHS regulations, including variations in label format, content, building blocks, and concentration limits. 


Synergist webinars are presentations by sponsoring companies on topics of importance to industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety professionals. Neither AIHA nor The Synergist endorses, supports, or verifies the webinars' contents or expressed opinions.


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Claude Neri
Claude Neri

Head of Compliance and Research, Chemwatch

Claude Neri, Head of Compliance and Research at Chemwatch, has more than 18 years of experience in the chemicals management industry. His professional experience as an (M)SDS author, Chemical Database Manager, and Chemical Safety Projects Manager includes the successful management of a wide variety of projects such as chemical database and integrated solutions for web applications, molecular modeling, and QSAR techniques. Neri has advised many companies and several government agencies with respect to chemicals management and classification issues. He holds BS degrees in Environmental Management of Hazardous Materials and Mathematics and a master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry.

Jerome Marinkovic
Jerome Marinkovic

Director of Product Research & Development, Chemwatch

Jerome Marinkovic is Director of Product Research and Development at Chemwatch, with more than nine years of experience in the chemicals management marketplace. His professional experience in chemical risk assessment includes development and deployment of the Chemwatch control banding risk assessment and approval system. Marinkovic has advised many companies and government departments on chemical risk management with a particular focus on risk analysis issues and techniques.


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