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How Personality Type Can Affect Burnout, Agile Learning, and Team Dynamics

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Laura Trozzi, Founder and CEO, Branching Out and Dr. Roger Pearman, Managing Partner, TalentTelligent

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Join two personality type experts for a lively, interactive discussion of the impact personality type can have on burnout, agile learning, and team dynamics. Three case illustrations will be presented with a focus on situational discovery, self-awareness and understanding, and talent development.

You will learn:

  • how to conduct a personality type debrief session that goes beyond simple personality type classification
  • how to identify the root causes of team dynamic breakdown
  • how leveraging a dominant mental function can affect agile learning
  • what to do when the coachee or client is experiencing burnout.



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Laura Trozzi
Laura Trozzi

Founder and CEO, Branching Out

Laura Trozzi is the founder and CEO of Branching Out, a leadership development, coaching, and consulting firm. Laura has more than 15 years of experience working with business leaders, executives, and managers in performance management, leadership development, team development, talent management, and coaching, where she integrates her expertise in the MBTI, EQi, and the Pearman Personality Integrator. She has spent her career supporting both individual and team development to improve their performance and effectiveness through coaching and personal development. Laura possesses a BS in psychology and is certified in the Pearman Personality Integrator. She is an MBTI Master Practitioner and is certified as a personal and executive coach. She is also a past president of SANDAPT.

Dr. Roger Pearman
Dr. Roger Pearman

Managing Partner, TalentTelligent

Roger Pearman is regarded as one of the world’s preeminent experts in the field of personality type, with more than 30 years as an active proponent of continued research and exploration on the nature of psychological type. As a coach, author, academic, and researcher, he is the recipient of multiple lifetime achievement and contribution awards. His extensive work with personality has led to great insight into personality type and evidence for a deeper complexity needed in personality type assessments. The culmination of Roger’s expertise and immense insight led to the development of the Pearman Personality Integrator, an assessment built on a strong foundation of theory, empirical data, and practical application.


  • Multi-Health Systems (MHS)