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Win With What You’ve Got: Reframing the Leadership Mindset

Monday, April 17, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Richard Rittmaster, Manager of Learning and Development, MTS Systems

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Imagine you’ve been tapped to lead a new project, initiative, or organizational change. You will need to lead others throughout this assignment. What does effective leadership look like in this situation? When the pressure is on, and your reputation is on the line, what are you going to do to get results?

Historically, success for leaders in this situation has focused on strategies like taking orders, getting the best talent, and then telling that talent what to do. More and more, this traditional form of leadership isn’t fast enough to keep up with the rate of change and the evolution of tools and skills available to achieve results. Success in our emerging business environment will require a different leadership mindset.

This webcast will explain why traditional leadership is no longer aligned with today’s workforce, and how to reframe your leadership mindset to focus on the skills of creating safety, creating clarity, and driving improvement. At the end of the webcast, we will discuss practical techniques that you can use to promote these skills and reframe your leadership mindset. 


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Richard Rittmaster
Richard Rittmaster

Manager of Learning and Development, MTS Systems

Rick Rittmaster, manager of learning and development at MTS, partners with individuals, teams, executives, and external resources to build a more capable and engaged workforce. Working in learning and development, Rick enjoys the sometimes tricky job of building people-centered solutions that meet MTS’s talent management needs. In addition to current learning and development initiatives, Rick also advises on innovation strategy and employee engagement initiatives, and manages the new employee orientation process.