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Designing for Memory

Monday, May 1, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Patti Shank, Learning Designer and Analyst, Learning Peaks

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When building something, it's helpful to know your constraints before you get started. For example, if a survey of your land finds that the lot lines aren't where you thought they were, you may need to change the location of the house you want to build. Finding this constraint out after you build will cause tremendous problems!

When building instruction, we may think the biggest constraints are not having enough resources, such as time or skills. But the constraint that we need to pay the most attention to is memory. The parts of our memory that are used during learning are easily overwhelmed. An overwhelmed memory has a difficult, if not impossible, time learning.

So, rather than ignore this powerful constraint and deal with problematic outcomes, we should understand it and design for memory constraints. In this webcast, the speaker will discuss:

  • how and why memory is a constraint on learning
  • why these constraints apply more in some circumstances than others
  • what these constraints mean for designing instruction
  • how to design with memory constraints in mind.


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Patti Shank
Patti Shank

Learning Designer and Analyst, Learning Peaks

Patti Shank is a learning designer and analyst at Learning Peaks, an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides learning and performance consulting. She is an often-requested speaker at training and instructional technology conferences, is quoted frequently in training publications, and is the co-author of Making Sense of Online Learning, editor of The Online Learning Idea Book, co-editor of The E-Learning Handbook, and co-author of Essential Articulate Studio ’09.

Patti was the research director for the eLearning Guild and an award-winning contributing editor for Online Learning Magazine. Her articles are found in eLearning Guild publications, Adobe’s Resource Center, Magna Publication’s Online Classroom, and elsewhere. Patti completed her PhD at the University of Colorado, Denver, and her interests include interaction design, tools and technologies for interaction, real-world instructional design, and instructional authoring. Her research on new online learners won a 2002 EdMEDIA Best Research Paper award. She is passionate about the results needed from instructional design and engaged in improving instructional design practices and outcomes.

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