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The Well-Connected Employee: Networking Competencies That Foster Engagement, Collaboration, and Business Results

Monday, June 4, 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Lynne Waymon, CEO, Contacts Count

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In a survey of 2,000 employees from many different organizations, only 20 percent said, “Yes, I have the network I need to get the job done.” Unconnected employees hurt your business when they fail to see the big picture, don’t know how to uncork bureaucratic bottlenecks, and don’t contribute to enterprise-wide results.

In this webcast, you’ll explore the eight networking competencies that are needed by almost everyone, in almost every job type, at almost every level. They are survival skills for the network-oriented workplace (the NOW). These skills are learned over time, not overnight. We’ll look at how to design an enterprise-wide strategy that supports the growth of employees’ social acumen to build the organization’s social capital and fuel future growth.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • the 8 networking competencies
  • 4 ways unconnected employees hurt your business
  • why you should create an enterprise-wide strategy for boosting social acumen
  • how to identify unconnected employees
  • 3 reasons organizations have been slow to harness the power of social capital.

You’ll explore these ideas through three client examples: getting the job done, collaborating cross-functionally, and attracting new clients.



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Lynne Waymon
Lynne Waymon

CEO, Contacts Count

Lynne Waymon is an internationally recognized expert on networking and business development. She’s the co-author of Strategic Connections: The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World (AMACOM, NY, 2015) and Make Your Contacts Count (NY, 2nd Edition, American Management Association).

In keynotes and training programs, she gives professionals in corporate, association, university, and government audiences, as well as people in professional services firms, practical strategies for getting things done through networking, collaboration, and alliance building. Her strategies, in print and in person, are recognized as state-of-the-art. Recent clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb, PNC Bank, and Lockheed Martin.