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Hit the Ground Running: 5 Often Overlooked Strategies to Ensure Career Success in 2019

Monday, December 10, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Vivian Blade, CEO, Experts in Growth Leadership Consulting LLC

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What kind of year will 2019 be for your career? Will you make progress, mark time, or fall behind?

Do you feel stuck in a dead-end job with limited opportunities to advance? Are you waiting for your boss or HR to manage your career? Have you interviewed for a promotion a few times, but haven’t gotten selected? Do you love your job, but know it’s time to move on? Are you already on the high-potential track, but need to stand out in the pile?

Vivian Blade has seen many professionals get caught up in being so busy with their work that they don’t give much attention to their careers. Then, months pass, and they’re not making the progress they’d hoped and are frustrated by the lack of career opportunities.

You have more control than you think over the outcomes in your career. Don’t look back with disappointment. Make the most of 2019, starting now.

The right focus and a shift in mindset can give you the power to make change happen.

Join Vivian for this interactive webcast as she equips you to:

  • Apply five often overlooked, highly effective strategies to ensure career success.
  • Know the right questions to ask yourself to get on the right track.
  • Shift your mental power to hit the ground running and ensure 2019 is a banner year for you.


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Vivian Blade
Vivian Blade

CEO, Experts in Growth Leadership Consulting LLC

Vivian Blade is a recognized talent management expert, guiding companies in designing a leadership talent management framework that builds solid and sustainable bench strength in their leadership pipeline. Additionally, as an author, keynote speaker, trainer, and executive coach, her passion in building leaders and developing excellence empowers organizations and individuals to reach their full potential. In 2009, Vivian founded Experts in Growth Leadership Consulting. She works with many global organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and GE, as well as individual professionals. Vivian is the author of the book FuelForward: Discover Proven Practices to Fuel Your Career Forward.

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