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Always Be Ready: Change Is Inevitable in Life and in Your Career.

Monday, September 23, 2019 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Amy Dinning, Senior Talent Manager, Commscope

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Change is inevitable in our lives and our careers. As talent development professionals, we train others on managing change and being prepared, yet we do not take these steps for ourselves. We can be ready for the various changes that will affect our careers by preparing for them in advance and always challenging ourselves to grow. During this session we will focus on two main themes: how to successfully navigate through change and the specific ways to be ready for the career changes we may experience.

First we will dive into how we view change; characteristics and behaviors we can develop to navigate that change well; specific things we can do to navigate change; and an understanding of how we move through the various stages of change.

Next we will focus on some specific career changes that will most likely come our way so that we can develop a game plan to deal with them before they occur. Possible scenarios include managerial changes, role changes, layoffs and terminations, mergers, promotions, new employment, and so on.

Participants will leave with an action plan to help them become even more resilient as these changes occur.

After participating in this course, learners will:
• Discover how they think and feel about change and how that affects their careers.
• Develop game plans to be ready for some of the changes that will occur throughout their careers.
• Create a specific action plan for what and how they will apply from this session.


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Amy Dinning
Amy Dinning

Senior Talent Manager, Commscope

Amy Dinning is a senior talent manager with extensive experience working with all organizational levels. She helps with setting the strategy, creating, promoting, and delivering talent and learning solutions designed to support the organization’s business plan. Amy is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment that supports learning and growth.

Amy is currently the senior talent manager at CommScope and is responsible for the global learning and development of 8,500 employees. She previously served as manager of leadership and talent development for Saint-Gobain North America, where she was accountable for the leadership, talent, and people development of 19,000 employees. Prior to her time at Saint-Gobain North America, Amy worked as a clinical education and learning partner for AstraZeneca.

Amy created and has been the chief facilitator of Jump Start Your Job Search workshops, which have been offered twice a year for the last seven years. She serves as co-lead of the ATD Leadership & Organizational Development Special Interest Group and as a board member, orientation leader, and programming manager for the My Career Transitions networking group. Amy has a master of education in instructional systems and design from Penn State University and a bachelor of arts in business administration from Grove City College.


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