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Revolutionizing Learning Culture: Marketing L&D to Kraft Heinz Employees

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Future Workplace Webinars
By: Pamay Bassey, Chief Learning Officer, The Kraft Heinz Company and Julie Dozier, Head of Learner Experience and Innovation, The Kraft Heinz Company

How does a global industry powerhouse in food and beverage also revolutionize its learning culture? In keeping with their meritocratic, results-oriented, highly empowered culture, the Kraft Heinz Company created a corporate university, Ownerversity, which provides their global workforce with continuous development and growth opportunities – at scale. Key to Ownerversity’s success is its alignment with the business functions and the shift in learning mindset from push to pull.

Join us and learn how Kraft Heinz:

  • Collaborates with its business partners on learning initiatives and development
  • Is building and promoting a corporate university brand, vision, and philosophy
  • Is creating compelling learning choices to meet the demands of its learners and increase engagement
  • Selects technology platforms to support a dynamic learning culture and deepen the impact of the learning experience
  • Measures and monitors success and engagement

Register and hear CLO Pamay Bassey and Head of Learner Experience & Innovation Julie Dozier share the story of their journey from a push to pull learning strategy in collaboration with their functional business partners.


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Pamay Bassey
Pamay Bassey

Chief Learning Officer, The Kraft Heinz Company

Pamay Bassey  is Chief Learning Officer for the Kraft Heinz Company, where she creates a culture of continuous learning and drives the company’s global learning and development strategy and initiatives through Ownerversity, Kraft Heinz’s corporate university. Pamay has deep expertise in learning theories derived from artificial intelligence research and practical experience designing and developing highly-rated learning solutions and transformative professional development programs.

Prior to Kraft Heinz, Pamay served as the Global Head of Learning Platform and Professional Development for BlackRock.

Pamay is a graduate of Stanford, Northwestern and the Second City Conservatory program in Chicago.

Julie Dozier
Julie Dozier

Head of Learner Experience and Innovation, The Kraft Heinz Company

Julie Dozier is the Head of Learner Experience & Innovation at Kraft Heinz, ensuring that every employee has a home in Kraft Heinz's corporate university, Ownerversity. Some of her responsibilities include optimizing access to all learning platforms and content, creating learning paths, and creating communications on how each employee can own their own learning. Julie is passionate about challenging traditional views of training, continuously improving instructional design and technology, and advocating for the learner.


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