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Certification: Why Now is the Time

Friday, June 19, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Rob Hoitt, CPTD, Sr. Learning & Development Consultant, Leidos; Rachel Hutchinson, CPTD, Head of Portfolio and Community Management, Hilti; Kelli Chickos, Director of L&D, AR Homes; and Christina Heilig, Training and Development Manager, Dewey's Pizza

Have you been thinking about pursuing a professional certification, but haven't decided to make the commitment? Join us to hear why now is a particularly good time to take on a professional development challenge. Hear from a panel of current CPTD and APTD credential holders about why they took the plunge. 

By the end of this webcast you will learn about:

  • Why pursuing a certification helps you and your organization
  • How changes to the content of the APTD and CPTD can support your professional growth
  • The pros and cons of participating in the pilot administration of a new exam
  • How the pandemic is affecting candidates' ability to prepare and take the exams

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Rob Hoitt, CPTD
Rob Hoitt, CPTD

Sr. Learning & Development Consultant, Leidos

Rob Hoitt, APTD is a Professional Development Consultant with Leidos, a Fortune 500 corporation specializing in federal services. A true “accidental trainer,” came into learning and development after a decade working in the television broadcast industry, having worked at independent and network television stations. Through this rich experience, Rob has spent nearly 15 years in the learning and development industry specializing in leadership development and technical training. In addition to becoming a member of the first cohort to attain the Associate Professional of Talent Development certification, Rob has a Certificate in Instructional Design and Delivery from American Military University, and is a Certified Facilitator from Development Dimensions International.

Rachel Hutchinson, CPTD
Rachel Hutchinson, CPTD

Head of Portfolio and Community Management, Hilti

Engaging people into change journeys while developing and empowering people is my passion. Design thinking workshops where a team looks at all sides of a problem or defines if we are even looking at the right problem bring me energy. I enjoy solving puzzles, seeing patterns in the data, and estimating what effect those patterns will have on the organization’s success as well as the project’s success. To do this, I focus on my strengths of pragmatic questioning, seeing both the big and small picture, and looking for simple, actionable solutions that will allow people to bring their strengths into play. With a CPTD and a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis on data analytics from Oklahoma State University, I believe developing our people is the biggest edge we can have over competitors from any industry. As a huge virtual team proponent, I manage a diverse global team from a mountain cabin in Colorado.

Kelli Chickos
Kelli Chickos

Director of L&D, AR Homes

Kelli Chickos is an L&D professional with more than two decades experience in all aspects of Organizational Talent. She has her Master's degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from the University of South Florida. Kelli was part of the pilot group of CPTD (formerly CPLP) participants in 2006 and has continued re-certification for nearly 14 years. She lives in Safety Harbor, Florida with her husband of 20 years and their furry and feathered family members of rescued pets. 

Christina Heilig
Christina Heilig

Training and Development Manager, Dewey's Pizza

Christina Heilig, M.Ed, APTD, is senior instructional designer, adjunct instructor, and e-learning developer. She is an active member of the ATD as well as the Greater Cincinnati chapter and is currently studying for the CPTD pilot exam. She has a passion for collaborating with L&D peers, engaging in the learning community on LinkedIn, and informally mentoring those who are transitioning into the instructional design field.