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What Can You Expect and What Should You Pay Your Marketing Vendors?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST  
Host: ALA Legal Marketplace
By: Darian Kovacs, Jelly Marketing

This is your opportunity to learn how to hold your vendors accountable. We’ll give you the tools, language and support needed to fully optimize your relationships and ensure you’re maximizing the results.

We’ll cover:

  • What services should cost
  • We’ll look at the range of vendor rates & costs and review the industry standards
  • What sort of reporting you should expect
  • And we’ll review RFPs –we’ll look at how to write the best Request for Proposal and discuss how to ensure you get good & fair quotes and set clear expectations on the work you want to be done.

This webcast will help you identify:

1. What you should be paying for each marketing vendor

2. What you can expect in reports from marketing vendors

3. How the industry is shifting and in turn how have those impacted marketing for law firms


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Darian Kovacs
Darian Kovacs

Jelly Marketing

Darian is an Indigenous business leader with 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, and public relations. Throughout his career, he has also been a founder and board member of various foundations and charitable organizations. Darian is a co-host on the show Marketing Jam (featured on all the podcast channels and Amazon Prime). Through his award-winning company, Jelly Marketing, Darian has worked with various local, national, and global brands building and executing their digital marketing & PR strategy, as well as teaching digital marketing strategy through their education platform Jelly Academy.

Darian has hosted multiple workshops for BCLMA and LMA, and is the author of a white paper on SEO. He was a co-founder of the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference and is a regular contributor with BCBusiness magazine, The Lawyers Daily, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Being both an educator and practitioner, Darian’s mix of stories, practical examples, and takeaways leaves audiences feeling inspired and equipped to implement SEO, digital ads, social media, and PR strategies into their marketing. Darian’s newest book Marketing Mentors is set to be available in book stores as of Fall 2020. 


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