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Simulations and Scenarios Research: Highlights and Best Practices

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Alex Moore, Research Analyst

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Organizations report that simulations and scenario-based learning improve learner engagement during training and lead to better knowledge retention and application afterward. According to Simulations and Scenarios: Realistic, Effective, and Engaging Learning¸ a new research report from the Association for Talent Development, these drivers have motivated the typical organization to incorporate each of the technology-based simulations, nontechnology-based simulations, and scenario-based learning into a greater proportion of its talent development programs than even a few years ago.

With the increasing prominence of these techniques, it’s critical that talent development leaders consider how best to deploy them within their learning programs and ensure they deliver the best possible contribution to organizational performance. Drawing on findings from the research, this webcast will provide key benchmarking data and identify data-driven best practices for taking advantage of technology-based simulations, nontechnology-based simulations, and scenario-based learning.


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Alex Moore
Alex Moore

Research Analyst

Alex Moore is a junior research analyst at ATD where he prepares surveys, analyzes data, and writes research reports.


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