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Mastering Emotional Intelligence Training With J&J and Amazon

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Andrea Hoban, Co-Founder and Head of Learning, Oji Life Lab; Rich Hua, Global Head of EPIC Leadership, Amazon Web Services (AWS); and Kim Bilyeu, Director, Johnson & Johnson

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What does it take to successfully roll out an emotional intelligence (EI) training program? How do you build a case to earn executive buy-in? What challenges will you face?

During this webinar, you’ll get answers from L&D professionals who took their world-class companies through EI training from concept to rollout. They will discuss their experiences implementing EI training and offer their advice on how you can do the same

In this webinar, you will:

  • Overcome internal skepticism and gain program buy-in.
  • Launch an EI training pilot and leverage that proof-of-concept for a broader rollout.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your EI learning program.


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Andrea Hoban
Andrea Hoban

Co-Founder and Head of Learning, Oji Life Lab

Andrea Hoban is the co-founder and head of learning at Oji Life Lab. Before Oji Life Lab, she parlayed her career as a top sales executive at Robert Half into a leadership role in their learning organization, where she was global head of skills training. As a certified coach, speaker, and practitioner, she has helped tens of thousands of professionals make leaps forward in their professional and personal lives.

At Oji, she is reimagining the way we learn skills like emotional intelligence and decision-making, translating world-class research into programs that fuse self-paced mobile learning and live, coach-led experiences. She speaks regularly at conferences and online and is recognized by clients as combining “industry expertise, emotional intelligence, humor, clever insights and strong communication skills which make her highly effective at guiding the growth and development of others.”

Rich Hua
Rich Hua

Global Head of EPIC Leadership, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Rich Hua is a technology strategist and innovation evangelist who currently serves as the global head of EPIC Leadership at AWS. His mission is to upskill Amazon’s leaders in emotional intelligence and interpersonal dynamics, enabling them to lead with greater empathy, purpose, inspiration, and connection (EPIC). Rich has spent decades training and mentoring people in leadership and interpersonal skills—from CEOs to aspiring managers to early career professionals. He launched the Emotional Intelligence and Success initiative at Amazon, and his team has trained more than 200,000 Amazonians and customers in emotional and social intelligence. His training is now an integral part of onboarding, sales, and leadership development programs across Amazon globally.

Kim Bilyeu
Kim Bilyeu

Director, Johnson & Johnson

Kim Bilyeu leads the global education team at Biosense Webster, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies in the MedTech sector. She and her team are striving to redefine what effective training looks like and how to affect culture change in a large organization.


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