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More Than High Potential: Developing Leadership Relationship Capacity

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Dr. Tim Scudder, Author & Principal, Core Strengths

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Do you want to develop leaders in a more open, democratized way? Join this webinar to identify the challenges organizations face as they move away from traditional, high-potential programs and discover how to enact change.

Developing leaders from within requires thinking about leadership as a relationship between leaders and followers. The intention behind choosing whether to be a leader or a follower must be understood.

Revolutionize the way you build leadership capacity by taking these steps:

  • Understand the limitations of focusing leadership development efforts on people with formal leadership roles.
  • Learn to redefine leadership capacity in the context of relationships, not just leadership skills or competencies.
  • Focus leaders on the importance of establishing relationships that build trust, generate commitment, and drive results.



Primary Capability Covered: Career and Leadership Development

Attendance at this webinar may be eligible for professional development points for initial certification or recertification of your APTD or CPTD credential. See eligibility or recertification polices for details.


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Dr. Tim Scudder
Dr. Tim Scudder

Author & Principal, Core Strengths

Dr. Tim Scudder has spent most of his professional life studying and teaching about personality and working relationships. As a principal of Core Strengths since 1995, Tim has played a lead role in developing assessments and curriculum based on the ground-breaking work of the firm’s founder, acclaimed psychologist Elias Porter. Tim has written or co-authored several books, articles, and training resources, including Working with SDI 2.0, Have a Nice Conflict, and The Leaders We Need.

He is a featured speaker at conferences, association events, and workshops on topics such as strengths, motivation, teamwork, leadership, and change management. In addition to his leadership role at Core Strengths, he consults and facilitates with clients, specializing in work with high-potential leaders, improving the relationship awareness of organizational cultures and linking human development functions to organizations’ financial health. His clients have included IBM, CME Group, USC, GEI Consultants, Microsoft, and Twitter.


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