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Unlock Efficiency and Savings for Your Firm's Business Travel Program

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT  
Host: ALA Legal Marketplace
By: Irene Bar-Am, VP Business Development, Reed & Mackay and Carol McDonagh, US Director of Client Success, Reed & Mackay

Are you managing your law firm’s business travel program, or planning the meetings and events? Find out how to save time and money with the right travel management company across your entire program.

Join this webinar to learn the key strategies that can transform your firm's travel program into a powerhouse of savings, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

We'll delve into the unparalleled expertise of travel management and its potential to revolutionize the way your firm approaches corporate travel. You’ll receive comprehensive insight on achieving a higher ROI for your firm’s travel.

Find out how the right travel partner can help your firm:

  • Discover untapped savings and add value to your travel program.
  • Maximize employee productivity for bookers and travelers.
  • Find the indirect ROI of business travel by supporting employee wellbeing and retention.
  • Leverage granular, data-driven insights to support ESG initiatives.


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Irene Bar-Am
Irene Bar-Am

VP Business Development, Reed & Mackay

Irene Bar-Am is the Vice President of Business Development at Reed & Mackay. She has over 20 years of experience in working with professional services firms to identify strategic solutions to scale their business, raise their profile, identify efficiencies, and leverage opportunities.
Prior to joining Reed & Mackay, Irene was in corporate sales at United Airlines and worked in the media industry for over 10 years for brands that include Crain’s New York Business and The Wall Street Journal.

Carol McDonagh
Carol McDonagh

US Director of Client Success, Reed & Mackay

Carol McDonagh is the US Director of Client Success for Reed & Mackay. She started out in the hotel industry in 1998, working on reception and in reservations for a local Irish hotel chain. In 2000, Carol started in leisure travel management before moving to the corporate side, when she started working for a global travel management company (TMC).

Carol joined Reed & Mackay’s ticketing department in 2003, then moved to the Supplier Relations team, where she managed relationships between Reed & Mackay and its airline and hotel partners. In 2010, she transitioned into an account management role, where she could use her expertise to support Reed & Mackay’s clients.

In 2015, Carol moved to Philadelphia to help open the first Reed & Mackay office in the US and was recently promoted to US Director of Client Success.


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