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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 5:00am - 6:00am EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
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If creativity and innovation are top imperatives for your organization, then you also need to build the right leadership capability. However, when we try to develop organizational capabilities for creativity we often focus on the act of creativity rather than how to lead it. Leaders have a critical role in fostering creativity and innovation to build more dynamic organizations. To lead for creativity, you will learn:

  • Creativity is much more than ‘letting loose your inner child.’ There are specific, repeatable processes that can enhance creative output.
  • You can leverage hundreds of ideas from neuroscience, social psychology, and creativity research to enable a more creative environment and team.
  • People have different creative thinking preferences and orientations. Understanding this, along with how to engage the right people at the right time, helps to optimize creative potential and results.
  • Teachable processes and tools can be used by a creative leader to greatly enhance team skills.
  • There are simple ways to stimulate more creativity in your organizational culture.
  • And, what may be most surprising: You don’t need to be creative to be a creative leader (it can even be a barrier!)

This webinar will provide takeaways to immediately use to bring more creativity into your organizations whether you are new to the field (of creativity) or already a practitioner. Take advantage of endless opportunities to tap into more creative potential within ourselves, our teams, and our organizations. The more deliberate we are in our creativity and innovation efforts, the better the result.


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Marc Hurwitz, PhD MBA MS MS , is an insightful and engaging professor of Organizational Behavior with a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience and graduate degrees in business, mathematics, and physics. Marc has more than 20 years of experience as an HR professional, with more than 10 years as a practitioner and researcher of creativity.  An award-winning communicator, actor, and presenter, Marc has delivered talks and workshops on creativity, neuroscience, leadership, and followership.

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Samantha Kerr Hurwitz, CMA CHRP, is a passionate and highly regarded workplace coach, mentor, and business leader. She is adept at developing people and building teams that are enthused, collaborative, and high achieving. As a certified HR professional and an accountant, with extensive executive experience in both, Samantha has blended creative and critical thinking to successfully lead multi-million dollar projects, large operational units, and corporate HR initiatives. She also teaches leadership (and followership) at the college level.

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Wei Wang is the Director of International Relations and Manager for Global HRD Community of Practice for ASTD.

Wei holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Master in Management from Nankai University in China. She is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). Wei speaks Mandarin and English. She has published articles in numerous industry journals and spoke at international conferences and workshops in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and the U.S.


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