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DEMO: How to Activate Organizational Change Through Strategic Enablement

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 2:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Nellie Wartoft, CEO, Tigerhall

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Hey, ATD Change-Makers! Feeling stuck trying to drive organizational change? Don’t let misaligned teams or knowledge bottlenecks hold anyone back. Join this interactive demo from Tigerhall to see how enterprise teams transform into proactive change agents, accelerating change and implementing strategic initiatives that stick.

We’ll cover everything from global insights tailored to an organization’s specific context to real-time tracking of internal change initiatives. Plus, get a sneak peek at a new Microsoft Teams integration, aimed at keeping employees and team collaboration in the typical flow of work without missing a strategic beat. Remember, speed of execution is everything!

What’s in store during this demo:

  • Global insights for local impact: Learn how Tigerhall’s curated content from more than 1,500 global experts is customized to fit your unique organizational contexts.
  • Scaling internal knowledge, sans hassle: Discover how legacy employees and subject matter experts within an organization can create and share internal expertise as effortlessly as uploading a social media story.
  • Meeting employees where they are: Identify how Tigerhall’s multilingual and diverse content formats align an entire global workforce with a corporate strategy—available for both internal and external content.


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Nellie Wartoft
Nellie Wartoft

CEO, Tigerhall

Nellie Wartoft is a Swedish entrepreneur who launched Tigerhall in 2019, revolutionizing how professionals share knowledge with one another in the real world. Under her leadership, Tigerhall has quickly gained traction with users across 32 countries and employees in 15 markets. Nellie has raised more than $10 million in venture capital from visionary investors, including Sequoia Capital and Monk’s Hill Ventures. Tigerhall’s customers include global Fortune 500 firms in technology, FMCG, professional services, and financial services.

Prior to founding Tigerhall, Nellie was a top biller at Michael Page, where she led the sales and marketing division. It was there she identified fundamental shortcomings in organization development and enterprise enablement, witnessing how existing technology could inadvertently lead to a wider culture of professional stagnation. This, in turn, rippled across the organization, stifling innovation and hindering overall growth. Nellie has been named on the 2021 Tatler Gen T list of Future Leaders and was recognized as one of the Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023 by the International Business Times. She was also a Swedish national champion in skeet shooting in her teenage years.


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