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Demo: Empower Your Team: Rehearsal's Video-Based Coaching Platform

Monday, June 24, 2024 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Micah Eppler, Client Solutions Consultant, ELB Learning

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Discover Rehearsal, a video-based coaching platform designed to revolutionize employee training from ELB Learning. Enhance communication skills and performance by providing multi-lingual feedback from mentors, peers, and artificial intelligence (AI). This interactive and tailored learning environment empowers employees to refine their responses to workplace scenarios, ensuring readiness for any challenge. Ideal for sales training, customer service, leadership, and more, Rehearsal delivers stellar results in less time.

During this event, you will learn:

• How video-based training can elevate your team’s communication skills and ensure they can confidently articulate your company’s mission, products, and services
• Why “hot seat” scenarios and customizable learning paths, audio-only responses, and screen recording capabilities help build confidence
• How AI provides detailed submission analytics, allowing your learners to practice at their own pace


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Micah Eppler
Micah Eppler

Client Solutions Consultant, ELB Learning

Micah Eppler has a background in software and L&D services sales and has been partnering with clients in the e-learning industry for nearly five years. As a client solutions consultant at ELB Learning, Micah has been strategic in partnering with hundreds of clients to address L&D business challenges through unique, effective, and sometimes outside-the-box solutions. 


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