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The Well-Connected Employee: 8 Networking Competencies That Lead to Career & Organizational Success

Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Lynne Waymon, CEO, Contacts Count

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New research reveals that people with deep and wide face-to-face networks have more successful careers AND they have a positive impact on a wide variety of business operations - such as retention, management, leadership, decision-making, business development, and productivity.

During this webcast, Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count LLC, will show you how creating, cultivating, and capitalizing on networking opportunities is critical to building organizations that thrive. Lynne will explain

  • Who is the unconnected employee?
  • How do unconnected employees have a negative impact on your business operations?
  • What are The 8 Networking Competencies that everyone can and should learn?
  • What describes your organization's networking culture?
  • What are things you can do today to create a Network Oriented Workplace (NOW) and how can you help people put the tools of networking to work in the service of business and career goals? 


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Lynne Waymon
Lynne Waymon

CEO, Contacts Count

Lynne Waymon is CEO of Contacts Count LLC, the international training and consulting firm that specializes in professional and business networking. She’s a recognized thought leader on business and professional networking and the co-author of Make Your Contacts Count (2nd edition, NY, American Management Association). 

In keynotes and workshops Lynne gives professionals in corporate, government, association, university, and non-profit audiences, practical strategies for getting things done through networking, negotiating, and alliance building. She co-authored the Networking Competency Assessment, an on-line instrument which measures networking skill.

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