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From Storming to Performing: The Secrets to Accelerate Outcomes

Saturday, December 29, 2012 7:00am - 8:00am EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
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This event is a free preconference webcast for the ASTD MENA Conference & Exhibition in Saudi Arabia January 13-15, 2013. Learn more about ASTD MENA.

Meetings can sometimes be an awful use of time. In this webcast, you will learn why this happens, plus some secrets to make your meetings and classrooms highly effective. Go from storming to performing with easy-to-apply creative methods that work. Learn the myth and magic, plus tools, techniques, and creativity—even secrets—to accelerate your meeting performance or classroom learning effectiveness. Plan for acceleration with:

  • the foundation: The 7 B’s and the Blue Line.
  • the toolbox: Focusing tools, techniques, and tips…that easily keep sessions on track.
  • the energy: Start a session with impact—set a high tone for high engagement.
  • the heart: Engage all participants, fast, and keep them equally engaged.
  • the mind: Why whole-brained communication is critical.

Bill Olsen has a reputation for delivering dynamic presentations, tangible outcomes, and a strong consensus. His events are interactive and practical. He showcases fast-forward learning that’s fun. In this webcast, he shares some of the secrets he uses to generate enhanced outcomes in classrooms, meeting rooms, and executive boardrooms.  At the ASTD MENA conference, Bill will present “Thinking Types and Innovator Stripes,” which delves into creative problem solving and whole-brain thinking to achieve innovative results.


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Bill Olsen is president of Olsen Innovations. He is a professional facilitator and trainer enabling accelerated results through creative problem solving. He has a reputation for delivering dynamic presentations, tangible outcomes, and strong consensus. From workshops, to teambuilding, to advanced creativity facilitation training, his events are characterized as interactive, fast-forward learning, and practical. Okay…they’re fun!

Bill served as a U.S. Navy Commander, and while in the Navy he learned and applied creative problem solving to a high-risk project, garnering unparalleled success and the U.S.’s “Silver Hammer Award for Reinventing Government.” He has facilitated other programs to early milestones and earned four more Silver Hammers. With more than 30 years of experience as a manager, engineer, and instructor in the public and private sectors, he now provides these types of results as a consultant. He has supported Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and nonprofits in 13 countries as well as for a cruise ship.

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